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your account, the sabha will meet it from the income of
these vrttis\ This was also recorded in the kavile ia the
presence of the sabha.

Witnesses :                                       Sign manual :

Hari and Hara,                                 Sri Wrapratapa.

From the anci&nt records of Karivena Agrah&am : Mae. Afss. 15-4-29, pp. 12-14. ;

L.R. 55, pp. 138-9.



Introduction*  While the karayam, Kondraju Siddiraju
and Camilla Devi Reddi were carrying on the administration
of Navanandula-Nitturu, Vumdavolu Bodi Reddi came from
Morasu-rq/ya (Kolar) and laid claim to the office of the Reddi.
Devi Reddi, the incumbent of the office at the time, expelled
Bodi Reddi from the village. Thereupon, Bodi Reddi went to
the ting, and obtained from him an order (dimvnaitu} addressed
to Peinmasani Ginna Ramalinga Nayadu commanding him to
investigate the complaint. On seeing the king's order, Cinria
Ramalinga N&yadu sent Devi Reddi and Bodi Reddi to.Yadaki
to have their case tried by the merchant guild of the place.
After one month they, * making their place ',* were sent to
Tadipatri to the merchant guild with a request that the latter
should communicate to them their decision by means of a letter.

There is the duplicate of the record together with the
jayalekha with Mamuduri Siddhiraju, the karaqam of Nitturu.
,The jayalekha bears the date & S. 1523, Plavanga, VaiSakha

PemBiasani Ramalinga NSyadu summoned the Mah&janas

resident in the agraharas of Salaiasamudra, Venkatagiri and

Eajverisamudra together with the kara&am and the .ayagars of

' Itavanandula-Nitturu probably to assist the merchant guild in

,;,"        * The original lias 'stkatairwclsukoni't  technical term the meaning of vhich is
not clear.                 .,:,,'    ,
.       | May 1?, 1601 A-D* ,Tte cyclic year Is not Plavau$* Uut r mym,